Community Builder

As an active participant in the local community, Ryan aims to build bridges and forge new relationships in order to serve important causes he believes in.

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fierce advocate

Ryan has never been afraid to stand up and speak his mind, including as a lead spokesperson for the residents of Beacon Arms who were facing demoviction in 2017.

Why Ryan is Running?

strong together

Ryan knows that only as a community, can we come together and bring new energy and enthusiasm to the Greater Victoria School Board.

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At heart i'm all about people

In everything I've done my main focus has always been people and the issues that impact them in their everyday lives. The hustle and bustle of daily life often means we don't have time to think about the long term impacts of things like zoning, land use planning, good governance, and policy. That's why I'm here.

In Victoria, and abroad as an ESL teacher, I've always had the best interests of the future of our children at heart. I've worked with children as young as 18 months, to as old at 15 years, and the thread that has linked all of my teaching experience is a deep and genuine concern for the well being of my students, and my concern for their future.

As your school trustee you can feel safe knowing that I will fight for the future of your child. Whether your child is currently enrolled in school, or you're a new parent looking to the future, you can rest assured that you're at the center of how I will make decisions.

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Next Steps...

You can have a huge impact in how the next four years of the Greater Victoria School Board functions. With your help, we can do great things together.