Greater Victoria School Board Candidate Ryan Painter Calls On Burnaby School Board Candidate Laura-lynn Tyler Thompson To Retract Hateful Statements.

Greater Victoria School Board District 61 Candidate Ryan Painter Painter is calling on Burnaby School Board Trustee candidate Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson to retract her recent statements on Conversion Therapy.

“SHOCKING LGBTQ LOBBYING FOR BAN ON OPEN DIALOGUE AND COUNSELING. If a child wants to transition, this petition is asking that it becomes illegal to have a rational discussion with the child to see.” – Burnaby School Board Candidate Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Candidate Painter is calling on all Greater Victoria School Board and municipal candidates to support his call for the school board, local, provincial and federal governments to work to end the practice of conversion therapy.

“I have been working to de-stigmatize our society from the challenges that people face with their mental health. Make no mistake, conversion therapy is mental torture. As a mental health advocate seeking to be elected to District 61 of the Greater Victoria School Board, I want students and parents alike to know that I will stand with them, against conversion therapy in British Columbia,”Ryan Painter, District 61 Greater Victoria School Board Candidate.

“ The World Psychiatric Association calls conversion therapy ‘wholly unethical. By calling for a ‘rational discussion’ on this disgusting practice, Candidate Thompson has shown her true colours. In my opinion, supporting conversion therapy and serving as a School Board Trustee are incompatible. How are students in British Columbia going to feel safe to be who they are if we are electing candidates such as Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson? If elected, I pledge to work with all levels of government to end the abhorrent practice,” said Painter.

Candidate Painter is also calling on Premier John Horgan and Minister of Mental Health Judy Darcy to end conversion therapy in British Columbia, and to work with Prime Minister Trudeau to ban this appalling practice across Canada.

Quick Facts from the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario:

Hates crimes motivated by sexual orientation more than doubled in Canada from 2007 to 2008, and were the most violent of all hate crimes.

Trans people in both Canada and the US report high levels of violence, harassment, and discrimination when seeking stable housing, employment, health or social services.

Higher rates of depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive and phobic disorders, suicidality, self-harm, and substance use among LGBT people.

LGBTQ youth face approximately 14 times the risk of suicide and substance abuse than heterosexual peers.

77% of trans respondents in an Ontario-based survey had seriously considered suicide and 45% had attempted suicide.”

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