Why Now?

In politically uncertain times, we need leaders who are unafraid to speak truth to power, stand up for what's right, and be a champion for those who so often go unheard. As a community activist and organizer, I've always led with the belief that the more people are engaged, the healthier our democracy is. Over the last year I've become very involved in mental health activism. As a person living with mental illness and mental disability, I felt it was important to step up and speak on the issues that matter most to those struggling to cope with mental health issues.

It was a comment from a passer-by at a community event, "You should really think about bringing your ideas to the

table as an elected official," that convinced me there was an appetite for what I was advocating for.

What will I work on?

When looking at the things I'd like to accomplish over the next four years, my priorities break down as follows:

  • Advocate for and implement, in association with education partners (teachers, parents, aides, etc), a district-wide mental health framework;
  • Ensure that every school in our district has a dedicated grief and loss counsellor available to students in the event they experience grief and loss in their life;
  • Expand the reach of SD 61 by holding monthly open-houses in communities all over the district to allow parents, advocates, and those interested in their school district to come and give feedback to their elected officials
  • Hold monthly meetings with unions representing teachers and staff to get feedback on issues and concerns arising from their schools.
  • Hold monthly meetings with administrators to ensure their concerns are heard
  • Support the vital work of education assistants, as they play a fundamental role in having a strong and successful public education system
  • Advocate for increased capital funding to manage the increasing costs of maintenance and infrastructure
  • Support innovate and bold programs to help students with diverse needs find their success
  • Be a voice for parents at the School Board table

Above all, we must ensure that our district fights so that it is never underfunded by the provincial government, and ensure that the voices of parents, students, teachers, and all educational staff are represented in discussions with our provincial education partners.

Be heard!

Do you have an issue or concern as a parent, or soon to be parent, of a school aged child? Please email me and let's connect.