On Loneliness and Getting Through

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Loneliness is being surrounded by people but feeling entirely and utterly alone. It’s the feeling that no matter what you do, nobody will truly understand you or know you.

Loneliness is looking at Facebook likes and reactions, feeling ebullient at one moment, and desperately hopeless the next.

It’s the feeling that the only peace you truly have is when you’re asleep and the real world falls away into the myriad of shapes, colours and surrealism that envelopes you in dreamland.

Pictures of people together enjoying themselves, and you slumped in a chair wondering why you aren’t there. “Must be me” you think.

Loneliness is all encompassing, inescapable; the quicksand of life. Struggle as you might, it’s pulling you down.

I’ve experienced this loneliness more times than I can count. I know what it feels like to know that you are surrounded by love, appreciation and affection, and yet it feels like none of that actually sinks in or penetrates.

The power loneliness has is making you feel like there is nobody to turn to, that nobody could possibly understand what it feels like. Pushing people away is common, and shutting oneself in, while seeming to worsen the symptoms, feels like the only option.

It isn’t though. There is light in the world. There is love and hope for us.

Let some light in. Breathe. Surround yourself with aromas of peace and calm. Take time for yourself and realize that the world isn’t such a scary place. Get outside and realize all that exists on this crazy while blue orb in space. Most importantly, know that this ins’t forever. You’ll get through this rough patch, I promise.