Kindness always wins

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I was meeting a friend this morning at a local coffee shop and admittedly, I wasn’t in the best of moods. It was a rainy day (these days always get me down) and there are things happening in my life that have me stressed and wondering about my own capacity to “be the best me I can be.” That might sound cliche, but I’m working constantly try to improve myself because I want to be someone people can look to for inspiration.

Anyways, already in a sketchy mood, I wasn’t really I to talking. Funny given I was meeting a friend for coffee to catch up.

I got to the counter to order and the person at the other end if the counter broke my mood completely. They were friendly, kind, talked to me about how tall I was, how they were so short but were the person the manager asked to reach stuff, and generally treated me like at that moment like I was all that mattered.

I never caught their name, but they treated me as if I was a regular (I dont usually frequent this coffee shot, but was close to my friends work). We chatted and despite me being pretty shitty at holding up my end of the conversation, they continued engaging with me. I felt very comfortable and at home.

My bad mood abated.

It was a reminder to me that kindness goes a long way, and that you never really know who’s having a bad day, and how some kindness might brighten someone’s day.