Fear: Expectation vs Reality

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I live with fear every day. Fear doesn’t necessarily run my life, but it does creep in far more often than I would like it to.

Anxiety means any situation can potentially be fearful or fear inducing. When I’m out at an event, I could potentially say the wrong thing, or say nothing. I fear upsetting people or not living up to peoples expectations (or my own). I fear being at a School Board meeting and saying the wrong thing, or voting the wrong way.

Mostly, I’m afraid of being myself and some part showing through that people will think is awful and not worthy of liking.

This is the expectation.

The reality is that people don’t think about me as often as I imagine they do. The reality is that I make the greatest efforts in all things and that’s all that really matters. The reality is that I am all I need to be, nothing more and nothing less.

The reality is that people will like me as long as I’m honest, genuine, true to myself and true to others.